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Wedding Photo Editing BeforeWedding Photo Editing After


Even the best captured wedding photos will need a little help to make it look perfect! A basic editing will eliminate unnecessary objects in the background, fix lighting problems, repair minor skin flaws, apply color correction and crop or resize photos according to certain specifications. Services applied for basic wedding photo editing includes:

  • Skin tone adjustment
  • Remove blemishes & scars
  • Minor color correction
  • Brightness & contrast adjustment
  • Teeth whitening
  • Background color enhancement.


When ordering a highend retouching service for wedding photos, you can expect to have superior editing using advanced techniques. The process is usually more complex compared to basic editing. The results are typically according to the creative concepts of the photographer. What we do is to translate those concepts into action in order to produce professional-quality wedding photographs. Our highend wedding photo editing service includes:

  • Skin smoothing & retouching
  • Blemishes & wrinkles removal
  • Hair retouching & stray removal
  • Background retouching
  • Color correction & enhancement
  • Brightness & contrast adjustment
  • Adding of special effects.
Wedding Photo Highend Editing BeforeWedding Photo Highend Editing After
The Bride BeforeThe Bride After


From getting ready down to the celebration afterwards, the bride deserves to have plenty of pictures. She should look stunning in every photo, it is her day after all. And it is only typical for her to be glammed up with the proper makeup and dresses on this very special occasion. She deserves to be photographed at her best most especially when showing off The Dress. The photographer must also reserve a moment to take the bridal portraits to capture the perfect shots, ready for post processing by a professional photo editing service. 

  • Skin retouching (wrinkles & blemishes removal)
  • Highlight, brightness & contrast adjustment 
  • Adding color vibrancy
  • Sharpening & noise reduction
  • White balance & exposure correction.


The other half of the bride will also be pampered on the day of the wedding. He must also be snapped and documented how he looks dapper and dashing. This is the time to work on those model poses that he rarely gets to show off. Our wedding photo editing service can highlight the charm of the groom in photographs. 

  • Skin tone fixing
  • Sharpness, contrast & brightness adjustments
  • Color enhancement & correction
  • Skin imperfection retouching
  • Adding clarity and vibrancy.
The Groom BeforeThe Groom After
Pre Nuptial Photos BeforePre Nuptial Photos After


Aside from being used for the AVP at the reception and for the wedding teasers and invitations, pre-nuptial photos are also one of the most memorable ways to commemorate the wedding itself. It can be creatively done to display the unique style and personalities of the couple. We can emphasize emotion to any prenup photos with our photo editing services. 

  • Couple’s skin retouching
  • Blemishes & scars removal
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dodge & burn
  • Highend retouching.


Wedding albums will not be complete without some snaps of important moments from the wedding ceremony. A simple photo of the couple exchanging wedding rings while exchanging their vows is one of the sentimental moments during the ceremony. From the laughing to crying moments, let’s bring colors to your wedding ceremony photos with our photo editing services. 

  • Color enhancement
  • Saturation & vibrancy adjustments
  • Clarity & texture adjustments
  • Skin tone fixing
  • Exposure & contrast adjustments.
Wedding Ceremony BeforeWedding Ceremony After
Reception Details BeforeReception Details After


With a lot of things going on, it can be difficult to remember everything that’s happening during the preparation up to the reception. As it is a celebration of life and happiness, photos are the only tangible proof of the time, energy, and heart that the couple placed in preparation of the special day. Photographers may take poor images during wedding reception due to bad lighting or undesirable exposure, however, we can fix it for you. 

  • Small object removal
  • Color enhancement
  • Contrast & exposure adjustment
  • Lighting & brightness adjustment
  • Image noise reduction
  • Saturation & hue adjustment.


It is a must to take photos of the different wedding details, such as the clothes, shoes, accessories, flowers, the cake, wedding rings and everything else. You can truly appreciate all the details after the wedding with these photos. Our wedding photo editing service can help highlight special details on your wedding day. Such details should not be missed and requires careful attention.

  • Natural color correction
  • White balance adjustment
  • Skin color adjustment
  • Clarity & texture fixing
  • Brightness & sharpness adjustment.
Wedding Photo Editing Service BeforeWedding Photo Editing Service After



With every couple around the corner deciding to have prenuptial photos to wedding pictures, wedding photography seems to be a huge industry. Every wedding is special and so are the photos that are captured from the momentous occasion. As it is the photographer’s responsibility to present the perfect wedding photos to the groom and bride, it is with the help of a proper wedding photo editing service this can be achieved. A wedding photo retouching service is capable of manipulating and enhancing wedding photos following the necessary techniques that should be applied to what most wedding photographers require during post-processing.  

If you are a photographer, there is no reason why you should worry about being booked from left and right. Especially during the wedding season, it’s hard to turn away opportunities. With ClippingPathUnited to help you with  photo retouching, you will be able to focus on taking the best shots.

What makes ClippingPthUnited different from other photo editing services providers is that we have mastered the craft through years of experience in the photo editing industry. Retouching wedding photos is one of our most sought-after services because our editing reflects the different wedding photography styles that photographers use for their own photos.

With ClippingPthUnited, we can guarantee that you will have expert wedding photo editing for photos that your clients will be most proud of. Contact us today and discover why many professional wedding photographers choose to work with our team.

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