WELCOME TO the mos company

Hi, this is GM Kamal, the Founder & CEO of The Mos Company.

My mission is simple! I will empower people and build a bridge of harmony between our photo editors and you! No matter where you are or how time zones set us apart, we make your work easy.

See that’s the main theme of our company. We never meant us when we said ‘we.’ We meant ‘you.’ We don’t process or edit or retouch images for you, we provide you with the solutions you need most.

At The Mos Company, we have only one rule– act with utmost integrity and professionalism. No matter where you or we are, we make sure you get the service you need. Properly, consistently, and perfectly.

See how we’re working to create a positive and enforceable change in the world by building a bridge of harmony between you and one of your fellow earthmen.

Our employees have a reputation for being friendly, welcoming, very helpful, and creative.
Blame our professionalism, values, and growth mindset.

Shahadat Hasan

Sr Project Manager

Fahomid Alam Utshab

Post Production Manager


Mosaddek Ali Millad

Marketing Manager

Bakul Miah

sr jewelry Retoucher

Rifat M Shamim

sr high end Retoucher


M Bariul Islam

Local SEO Consultant

Farjana Shammi

Customer Support Representative

Shirley D. Sage

Customer Support Representative


Riyad Hasan

Photo Retouching Specialist


Tamanna Akhi

Sr Graphics Designer

Akter A. Nayem

Sr Graphics Designer


Asmaul Hosna

Sr Graphics Designer

M Liton Mia

Post Production Consultant


Sultana Tinny

Marketing Consultant

Alhusayn T. Haik

Production Consultant


Tubaa Saja Tannous

Marketing Consultant

Sharif Waqar Ghanem

Video Editor

Saja A Attia

Jr High End Retoucher


Daniyah Fawz Isa

Jr High End Retoucher

Dewei Chin

Jr High End Retoucher

Muhib A. Matin

Motion Designer


Falah Athir Mustafa

Jr High End Retoucher

Safiy Al Din

Jr High End Retoucher

Hasib Rayyan Naifeh

Product Design Consultant


Wahhab Fareeq Khoury

Sr High End Retoucher

Suhaim Fareed Salib

Sr High End Retoucher

Altaf Nawfal Ghannam

Sr High End Retoucher


Muwaffaq Jubair Malouf

Model Expert

Ishfaq Mufeeda Rahal

Makeup Artist

Hayed Wajihah Antar

Makeup Artist


Bisar Faiza Sayegh

Makeup Artist

Jasim M. Nassar

Fashion Expert

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