Basic Newborn Retouching Service BeforeBasic Newborn Retouching Service Before


Adorable as they are baby photos may still end up flawed. Stray hairs, unwanted objects, smudges, and other minor flaws can still show up in photos no matter how careful the photographer is, in capturing each shot. Make your baby photos more magical with our basic newborn retouching service:

  • Skin smoothing & toning
  • Gentle color adjustment
  • Blanket smoothing
  • Hair retouching
  • Minor skin correction
  • Image color correction
  • Small objects removal.


We understand that many photographers, even those who are experts in newborn photography, still find it difficult to have perfect baby photos. There are many things to consider, such as a comfortable position, right temperature, props and lighting. If those do not work well, then advanced newborn retouching service will save the day!

  • Highend skin retouching
  • Face liquifying
  • Blemishes, lines, spots removal
  • Image masking
  • Contrast, brightness & sharpness adjustment
  • Hair retouching
  • Color correction
Highend Newborn Retouching BeforeHighend Newborn Retouching After
Newborn Family Retouching Service BeforeNewborn Family Retouching Service After


Family photos are considered to be treasures because they capture the bond that is shared between family members. It is therefore important that photographers are able to capture the best shots in order to keep family photos as special as they can be. This is especially true for families with small children. Aside from expert newborn retouching service, we also pride professional family photo retouching. Here are some of the techniques we can do to enhance family photos:

  • Color correction
  • Beauty retouching
  • Teeth whitening
  • Skin smoothing & toning
  • Brightness & contrast adjustment
  • Backdrop change/removal.


Sibling photos are adorable but they can be difficult to perfect. A photo shoot with a single child alone is challenging, what more for two or more children? They often result in fun yet imperfect-looking shots. Our photo retouching techniques for siblings photography can definitely create outstanding improvements:

  • Blemish removal
  • Background retouching
  • Skin smoothing & toning
  • Color correction
  • Backdrop change/removal
  • Contrast & brightness adjustment.
Siblings Photo Retouching BeforeSiblings Photo Retouching After
Newborn Color Light Adjustment BeforeNewborn Color Light Adjustment After


With all the details that needed to be looked after during a newborn baby photo shoot, it can be possible to have messed up colors and lights on the photos. Baby photographers never have to worry about this matter because our team can easily make the necessary adjustments with the following newborn retouching services:

  • Saturation correction
  • Adding/reducing warmth
  • Exposure adjustment
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Sharpening & Highlighting
  • Color changing/swapping.


With the rising use of social media and e-commerce, more people are keen on having almost-perfect photos to show off. New parents, for example, are excited to introduce their babies to the world using adorable baby photos, family photos, and even sibling photos. Clothing industries that make newborn clothes also need to have mini-models for their clothing lines. These reasons are precisely why the newborn photography business is also doing great these days.

The main challenge in photographing newborns is that the perfect shots do not rely on the skills of the photographers alone. The mood of the tiny models has to be factored in because they cannot be instructed to sit still, do a certain pose, or look away like how a photographer would when instructing a full-grown model. With the expertise of ClippingPathUnited team, photographers can rest easy knowing that they are able to save time from doing the intricate photo retouching services themselves.

With a team to help out with baby photo editing, everything that a photographer needs for newborn photography retouching is covered.

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