Professional product photo editing services for online entrepreneurs at affordable rates only in ClippingPathUnited.

Everything is being sold online nowadays and the market has become more and more competitive. For this reason, e-Commerce business owners have to make sure they present their products’ best images always. The goal for every photo is to capture attention and be enticing enough for the viewers to buy the products without seeing them in actual.

And so this is where product photo editing services come in very helpful for these business owners. They no longer have to do the labor by themselves anymore to do a background removal or photo retouching. At ClippingPathUnited, we can do these jobs for a price that fits your budget and you can have your images ready to be uploaded in a short period of time.

Services We Offer

We provide image editing services for various businesses and even professional photographers. Specifically, we do hats and bags photo editing for the fashion industry. Hats and bags require high end editing skills and in depth understanding of colors and details. Your product images should be consistent and attractive at the same time, as they serve also as a branding of your company.

Some of the work we do include the following:

  • Adjust the contrast and brightness
  • Add shadow effects for a more dramatic look
  • Background removal
  • Clipping path services
  • Change or enhance the colors of the products
  • Remove blemishes, creases, spots and scratches
  • Display brand and label details
  • Resizing or rescaling the product photos

Feel free to tell us what you need or want to achieve from your photos so we can align together. By doing this, we can easily bring out the outcome you want from your images and you will be satisfied with the results.

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Our clients’ testimonials prove that we deliver beyond expectations and that we keep our promises in giving you our best product photo editing services. Clients around the world have tried and tested the work that we offer and we do not disappoint.

We are always excited to work especially with new projects and clients. If you happen to be any of the following, our hats and bags photo editing services might just be perfect for you!

  • Hats and Bags Manufacturers and Retailers
  • Hats and Bags Magazine Publishers/Editors
  • Hats and Bags Product Photographers
  • Online Hats and Bags Resellers/Business Owners

We understand that we play a part in your business success and so we always guarantee quality and excellence in our final images. Your investment for hiring us will surely be one of the best business decisions you can make today.

Interested already? Avail of a free trial today on our product photo editing services and you will receive your post processed image within 24 hours. Consider this as a welcome gift for you. Send us a message right away at info@clippingpathunited.com or call us at +8801749025090.


Background Removal Service

2. Send us 1 test image & your editing requirements. We will get back to you with the result and the price quote within 12 hours.

Background Removal Service

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Background Removal Service

3. Upload your photos for editing through GoogleDrive, WeTransfer or Dropbox, send us the link and we will work with it accordingly.

Background Removal Service

4. Send your payment. Get the photo orders back within 24 hours and begin using them right away. We also offer free revision.

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