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Background Removal Service

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Background Removal Service

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Background Removal Service

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In women’s fashion, no detail can go unnoticed. Therefore, retouching of women’s clothing needs patience. Our exceptionally skilled team of editors uses advanced image masking. It helps them maintain the details while showing off all the designs. Also, every dress requires a different approach in editing, for instance, ball gowns, tops & bottoms, simple dresses, and others. Our seasoned editors can apply the following Clothing Photo Editing changes:

  • Shadow removal and color correction.
  • Plain white/ transparent background.
  • Clipping Path & Image masking.
  • Flaws removal & smoothening of apparel’s wrinkles.
  • Skin retouching of the model.


Usually, men’s apparel aims for fewer details and a more classy appeal. Unlike women’s clothing, men’s fashion is not too focused on minute details. Hence, for sharp and crisp clothing images, our experts employ a variety of Clothing Photo Editing techniques. Any online clothing merchant cannot afford to leave stains and wrinkles on their products, such as formal pants, suits, shirts, among others. 

  • Model Retouching.
  • Folds & Wrinkles removal.
  • Basic image masking & clipping.
  • Photo Cropping. 
  • Background retouching.
Mens Apparel beforeMens Apparel After
Professional Background Removal ServiceProfessional Background Removal Service


Innerwears and intimate clothing items register more sales when they look hygienic and pristine. For instance, lingerie, underwear, boxers, and others. Also, the product image must not have stains, wrinkles, and other such flaws. Due to this, we have our seasoned experts working on undergarments clothing photo editing. These experts are highly careful in picking the right props for the photos and finalizing the right background.

  • Color correction.
  • Ghost mannequin.
  • Folds, wrinkles, & stain removal.
  • Cropping and resizing images.
  • Changing/ removing background.


Kids are fun, so is the editing of their apparel items. As Kids’ apparel has a lot of diversity in terms of designs, colors, and styles, an editor may get carried away with editing the clothes. However, this isn’t the case with our team of professionals.

At ClippingPathUnited, we have professional Clothing Photo Editing services that are knowledgeable about the aesthetics of the picture too. They won’t go overboard with unnecessary effects and will solely stay with the concept. Their efforts will be towards enhancing details, removing/ changing background with a neutral tone, and keeping the edits minimum. Hence, it will bring forth the natural colors of the fabric, making the clothing more attractive.

  • Color correction.
  • Folds and Wrinkles Removal
  • Removing unwanted items in the background.
  • Giving natural touch to the image.
  • Including more natural shadows.


If an accessory, like a handbag, doesn’t go well with your outfit, it can ruin the whole look. Moreover, it isn’t just any fashion item because it carries essentials, phones, personal kits, and others. Our handbags add a whole new angle to the personality.

For handbags and backpacks merchants, we have our world-class retouching services. Our focus is on keeping the fashion quotient intact, and our clothes photo editors preserve every detail of the product. Also, our color-changing techniques have remained helpful in providing customers with a large variety of any style.

  • Image product straightening.
  • Background removal.
  • Colour correction & changing.
  • Image masking & clipping path.


Whenever we look at a person, the first thing that comes into notice is the face. We can accessorize the sober look with hats and caps, which add another dimension to the first impression. Hence, make a fashion statement with dashingly presented caps and hats. 

Photography at this level requires adequate color correction, precise cleaning, and careful retouching. Also, our skilled editors can make background retouching impeccable yet natural. Here is what we include in caps and hat retouching:

  • Background removal
  • Colour correction. 
  • Product color variety
  • Flaws/ folds removal.

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