Vehicles Background Replacement Service

Don’t you find the background behind the car that you will be dealing with appealing and attractive for buyers to look at? Then, sweat out no more! We know as an automotive dealer you want the best looking background, for your car to look very attractive.

Hence, to help you out, in this case, we at the clipping path united first click a picture of your photo parked on the street and then cut out the image of the car. After doing so, we move the cut-out pictures of the car to a different background that seems much more realistic and appealing to look at.

Doing this sort of editing fall sunder our vehicle’s background replacement and car image background replacement section. We have highlighted down furthermore details regarding how we choose images for working under these two sections.

Clipping path united provides you the best quality car image editing service by doing the following task that we have listed down below.

  • The perspective of the background image is adjusted by our professionals using the tool called Perspective Wrap.
  • To cut out the car with precision from a picture that has been previously clicked we use the Pen Tool.
  • We research and find out the right and correct perspective that will make the car look like it has been actually there in at individual background because of looking realistic.
  • To add even more realistic touch to the images of the car, we clone reflective details and add reflections of the sky to the car windows.

There is a lot of more things that are done by the professional editors here at the clipping path united. If you want to see how we provide our car image editing service, you can simply just play the tutorial. The tutorial surely has all the details demonstrated in a precise way regarding the work that we do and how we do.

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