Ghost Mannequin Effect and Neck Joint Editing

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Ghost Mannequin Service is relevant for those in the apparel business because of its advantages in marketing. Getting a live model to photoshoot your product can be expensive and irrelevant because of time schedule maintenance. You can rely on our editing experts who will bring your apparels to life without costing you much. Using a mannequin can save more of your cost, but that looks terrible for marketing campaigns. That is why you will need our Ghost Mannequin Service for perfect shaping and attracting people with a subtle campaign. Our experts are available all the time to meet your requirements and deliver the edited photos within the deadline.

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Hand-drawn clipping path, high-quality image editing, quick turnaround time.
All starting at just $0.49 USD/photo

Ghost Mannequin Service For Your Photo

In the 21st-century of apparel businesses, you need to show your products online on e-commerce websites, magazines, billboards for getting consumer attractions. Consumers who purchase products online always want to see products in good shape, both the outer part and the inner part of the cloth.
But with the mannequin, the inner part of the cloth is invisible. On the other hand, without a mannequin, the shape and fittings of the cloth are not perfect. There will be folds on the cloth, which will look odd.

So, the sellers of the product make sure that the inner part should be visible without a mannequin. This task is done by the ghost mannequin services where the mannequin and unwanted gears are removed by a professional and experienced graphics designer.

Ghost mannequin service has become a buzz word in the e-commerce industry. People want a more detailed way of presenting their products online, and the ghost mannequin service is the precise solution. Today we would like to explain to you about this awesome service that is making people more fascinated with online products and as well as helps to reach the buying decision. The following are the contents that I am going to explain.

  • What is ghost mannequin
  • Ghost mannequin photography
  • Ghost mannequin edit or service
  • Why ghost mannequin service is needed
  • When ghost mannequin service is needed
  • Who needs ghost mannequin service
  • What is the difference between neck joint service and ghost mannequin service
  • Our service
  • What kind of service we provide
  • Who takes our service and for whom we provide our service
  • how we do ghost mannequin service
  • Conclusion

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First job with them went without a hitch. Clipping paths of good quality — attention to detail.

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Excellent, their clipping is absolutely perfect. Happy with results and customer service!



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What Is Ghost Mannequin?

The meaning of the Ghost Mannequin is An Artist’s Bond Model in Franch. Ghost mannequin works to display the apparel or product photo without any mannequin or visible things.
Ghost mannequin is the process or procedure of removing mannequin or dummy from the apparel photo and gives it a good shape and fit. Alongside the shape and fit, it removes dust, spot, darkness from the photo. It’s cost-effective, time-saving and gives a 3D effect on a photo.
Ghost mannequin is also well-known as an invisible mannequin product’s photographs. It mostly used and applies in clothing products for online sales and advertising. All types of online sellers use and apply ghost mannequin services to attract more customers to their products for more selling and branding.


Ghost Mannequin Photography

When it comes to ghost mannequin, the first and fundamental part is the flawless ghost mannequin photography. You can shoot the photograph in any studio where professional photographers are available.

If you shoot photos by yourself to execute the invisible mannequin product photo, then you need to know some basic things to remove mannequin or model photos from products. You can follow these instructions for better photographs, which are given below.

Firstly you would need a DSLR camera with an extra lens. A DSLR camera is the most common thing for photography in recent times. Make sure that large shooting space with pretty enough lighting is available and use umbrellas for both sides of the camera. Including all necessary equipment like the clip, pins, tape, tissue paper, etc. which are used to make clothes fit for photography.
If you have not enough lighting or you don’t want to expense more on photography, then you can use the natural sunlight.
After that, you have to decide to pick a model or mannequin for photographs. Whatever mannequin or model you choose, make sure that it is fit for your product. If you choose a model for photography, you need to keep in mind that static poses are better than dynamic poses. So avoid the dynamic poses. You furthermore have to have in mind that the model’s hairs should be tied up to make sure that there is no disturbance while photo shoot.

Afterward, you would need to use white matte mannequin with a white background because the White color is non-reflective to any color of light. After that, you have to dress the mannequin or model to take the photo. Then photograph the mannequin from different angles, most importantly, the front side and backside with the inner side of the product.

When taking photos, remember that the lighting condition of each photo should be the same. At the time of Photography, place the camera directly in front of the area. For example, if you are taking a picture of a blouse, place the camera to the chest level. While capturing an image of shorts, position the camera in front of its hip and thigh area.

If you don’t want to or not capable of using a model or mannequin, you have to photograph your dress in the flat lay way. We will provide you some guidelines and tricks to take a photo in a flat lay way. You can use a tabletop to styling a dress like a shirt, pants, sweater, etc.

If you are going to shoot your t-shirt, at first, put your t-shirt on the right in the middle of the table. Make sure to keep the neckline and shoulder area at the same levels and straight. After that, tuck their theme on each side to give the natural shape. Do not tuck too much, just a bit. If it is a ladies’ t-shirt, then tuck a bit more than regular. Ensure similar things on the other side of the t-shirt.

Make sure you are tucking under equally on both sides. After that, move on to the sleeves and fly the sleep under the body a little bit to give a more natural look. At last, tuck the back of the t-shirt up, so it’s not showing outside of the front. It gives you a pleasant and well-ordered finish. You can also use some tissue paper inside the t-shirt and use tape to keep them in position so that there are no folds to the t-shirt. This way, there is a little bit of rise up to make it natural. It would look more natural and fascinating.

Now, if you are taking a photo of pants or jeans, then you do not need to tuck your pants. But you need to use some tissue paper inside the pant to give it proper texture and natural look.


Ghost Mannequin Editing or Service

Ghost mannequin service is also well-known as invisible mannequin product photography. Reason of the name of ghost mannequin, the name comes to do the invisible mannequin from the product. In this service, the graphics designers remove the mannequin very carefully from the product photograph and give lifelike shape. In Photoshop, a designer has to do some specific work, which makes the products more appropriate and attractive.

Techniques of ghost mannequin service in Photoshop

  • Neck joint on ghost mannequin in Photoshop
  • Bottom joint on ghost mannequin in Photoshop
  • Sleeves join on ghost mannequin in Photoshop
  • 3D effect on ghost mannequin in Photoshop

Neck joint service on ghost mannequin in Photoshop

Neck joint service is also called ghost mannequin service. Neck joint service is the most important and one of the best keys to remove the mannequin from product photograph. After taking photos of the product, a graphics designer needs two or three photos of the product, where the front part, the back part and the inner part of the neck are available. After that, the designer removes the mannequin and joins the inner part of the neck. Simply it’s called the neck joint service.

Bottom joint service on ghost mannequin in Photoshop

Bottom joint service is used for long-tail apparel items where the bottom back part is longer than the front part. Some apparel like t-shirt, shirt, jacket, sweater, etc. may have longer parts from the front parts. So, in that case, in Photoshop software, the graphics designer needs to join the back inner part after removing the mannequin. This process is known as the bottom joint service.

Sleeve joint service on ghost mannequin in Photoshop

Sleeves’ joint service is the technique of photo editing on long sleeve shirts, jackets, etc. In this service, the designer removes the mannequin from the hollow part of the sleeves and apply shadows to get the ghost effect. After that, the designer applies a 3D effect on the product. It makes the product more attractive and premium.

3D effect on ghost mannequin service in Photoshop

In this service, the designer creates a 3D effect on all kinds of apparel products. It’s the most important and final output of the ghost mannequin service. After removing the parts like neck, sleeves, and bottom, the designer joins all the missing parts and give a 3D effect. It increases product beauty, demand, and consumer Interest.

Why is the ghost mannequin service needed?

Ghost mannequin service is very much important in the apparel business. The seller mostly demonstrates its product in the e-Commerce site for selling and branding.
But it is costly to hire a model or celebrities for branding. It is not only expensive but also a waste of time. So online sellers use a mannequin to photoshoot their product. It reduces the expense, but it doesn’t look realistic with the appearance of the mannequin.
So ghost mannequin service is used to remove the mannequin and unwanted object from photos. This is the key way to promote their product photos online.
Ghost mannequin service is not only to promote the product online, but it has other advantages and benefits that are profitable for the business.

– Sellers don’t have to waste their money on celebrities and models, they can save their money by using the ghost mannequin service, and it’s cost-effective.
– This service focuses on the product’s shape and quality.
– It provides products photo more attractively and effectively.
– It increases product desirability to the customers.
– This is the proper way to display the product in an online site
– It shows the clearest and attractive images of products with a 3D effect.
– And most importantly, when the product images get improved and stunning, the customers get impressed and deal with it.

Sometimes the seller doesn’t use mannequin services as it is a lengthy process. Sellers don’t want to expense more on mannequin because sometimes it doesn’t show the real fittings.
While Mannequin’s service removes all the dust, spot, background, mannequin, and edit color, brightness, and joins all the parts of the product which is needed to present to the customers. It creates a good perception of the product among the customers.

When is the ghost mannequin service needed?

Usually, ghost mannequin service is used in the apparel business or fashion dress selling the business to make their product photos more stunning and catchy. Nobody wants to show their products with the mannequin and without editing on an online site. Because it creates a bad perception among the customers for the product and brand, so the majority of the time, the product needs to be enhanced, adjusting colors and showing the style and fit.

Nowadays, the online market is very popular for anything to buy and sell. All kinds of apparel seller’s first choice are to sell their products and promote the brand online. On the other hand, the customers also visit all kinds of the online market place to buy their necessary things. For that reason, the apparel product seller promotes their products online by providing product photos and information.

So the seller wants to promote and brand their products in e-Commerce, newspapers, magazines, billboards, advertisements, etc. With clearest, attractive, and 3D shape effect photos by using ghost mannequin service.

Who needs a ghost mannequin service?

Ghost mannequin service relates to the apparel sector to gives the product the hollow effect with good outfits and presentable to the customers. So garment products seller, fashion dress seller, e-Commerce site owners, dress photographers are the user of it. They use this service to increase product demand and sales. In a word, all kind of photographers who work with photos takes ghost mannequin services.
What is the difference between neck joint edit and ghost mannequin services?
After taking a photo of the product with the mannequin, the inner part of the neck remains unseen. So the graphics designer needs a couple of photos of the front part and inner part of the neck to join the inner part with the front part in the photos. The designer removes the mannequin neck and carefully adds the inner neck part in Photoshop. It’s the most important task in mannequin service.
But ghost mannequin services include many other joint services where neck joint is one of them. Sometimes graphics designers don’t need to do other joint services like bottom joint, sleeves joint, background removing, etc. Because only long sleeves and long tail apparel is used for this kind of Services.
Whatever the apparel has or hasn’t long sleeves or long tail, the apparel needs to do neck joint Services. Neck joint services are a must in ghost mannequin service, which is the reason the Neck joint editing is also known as ghost mannequin service.

Our service:

We work for clients, and always our priority is clients. So we always resolute on taking proper care of all the demands and requirements of our clients. We do it very professionally with experienced professional graphics designers. Always we have enough experienced designers to provide their service on time. We serve our work within a short time. Our clients are satisfied with our work and charge for service.

How are we different from others in mannequin service?

-We provide full-time customer service.
-We do this service by experienced staff.
-We deliver our products on time.
-We provide 24-hour service for you. So we are always ready for your support.
-We maintain product quality with a guarantee.
-We take care of our clients and committed to giving the best service at affordable prices.
-We provide the best quality work so that you don’t have to think about the quality.
-We offer the easiest method of ordering to provide the best customer experience.
Our work is our asset, that’s why customers are satisfied with our work.

How we do ghost mannequin service?

We need two or three photographs of your product — especially the front side, the backside, the inner side of the neck of the dress. Then our experienced graphics designer removes and edits the unwanted spots, dust, or part of the photograph very carefully and smoothly using different graphics software.

After removing the mannequin and joining all parts of the product, sometimes the product needs color adjustments too. To give it a natural look and good shape a 3D effect is applied.
Ghost mannequin service is getting more popularity nowadays. Different Institutes are providing these services to different companies, as companies are trying to achieve more market shares. To get you into this competitive market, we are offering you the best way of services available in the market. We guarantee you the best quality services so that you can advertise your product on different media with great confidence.

Among different graphics software, Adobe Photoshop is one of the best for ghost mannequin service. It is commonly used for its excellent features and tools.

Who takes our service and for whom we provide our service?

We usually provide our services to the apparel business retailer. We also work for a jewelry product and photo editing Agency.

Apparel sector: If you have an apparel business, then you can work with us and take our ghost mannequin service.
E-Commerce business: In the e-Commerce site, the product seller needs to edit their photos to promote and increase sales. If you have a Commerce business, then you must need our service.
Garments Company: Who has garments business may require mannequin service to advertise their products.

Photo editing agency: We have many photo agency clients who take our services regularly.

Photographers: Photographers take a lot of photos every day, and they need to edit their photos for different purposes. So they take our services regularly.
Others: We provide the best quality services with a great reputation in this field, and all clients trust us. So anyone who works with photos takes our services.


What kind of service we provide:

When you visit our site, you will see all kinds of services with an explanation. But we want you to know our services in a short time so that you know what else you take and which you needed. And we ready to provide you these following services too.

  • Clipping path service.
  • Ghost mannequin service.
  • Photo retouching service.
  • Photo masking service.
  • Colour correction service.
  • Background removal service.
  • Online photo editing service.
  • Shadow creation service.
  • Mirror effect service.



Undoubtedly, ghost mannequin service is the best and proper solution to remove mannequin and unnecessary objects from your product photos. Therefore, you would be able to publish your apparel photo in a standard way and influence your customers to get it now. If you are a dress photographer or online product seller, then you have to depend on ghost mannequin services to brand your product and increase your sales.
You can show or present your dress on the website in your way. But if you want to save your money and time as well as increase your product value and demand to the customers, then you have no choice but ghost mannequin service.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row” css=”.vc_custom_1572707682033{margin-top: 10px !important;padding-top: -10px !important;padding-bottom: -10px !important;background-color: #3f4241 !important;}”][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column_text]

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