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Background removal service is one of the most popular and widely requested image manipulation techniques. You can take a picture with a lot of other things in the background that you will need to remove later. That is only possible with services like photo editing and removing the background or some selective items. After removing the background, you can change the color or add your custom background for product promotion or personal use. This requires hours of patience and skill that our team of experts has. Creating the perfect background and doing a photoshoot is often impossible and costly. That is why you should take our service to get the editing service in a perfect manner.

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Hand-drawn clipping path, high-quality image editing, quick turnaround time.
All starting at just $0.49 USD/photo

The Easiest Way for Removing Background

Nowadays, removing background from an image has become so common and known by most people. We say that removing background is the process of removing background from a photograph by own or Photoshop experts.

In the past In the past, image editing was a tedious job. It was so complicated that only a few experts were able to do the job. The large business institutes hired them. Hence, creating a monopoly market. New entrants had no option to enter the market. The scenario changed after the revolution of information technology. Software’s were developed to make life easier.

One of the leading software technology firms developed the image manipulation system. This software, is known as adobe photoshop. Afterward came the GNU Image manipulation system (GIMP), which is also an open-source system. More software came to market, and still, we are getting more software on image editing. All of the software share the same standard tools. This software is capable of doing all the jobs a professional wants. It’s cost-effective and can be done in a short time concerning the earlier photo editing process.

The use of transparent images is increasing rapidly in different industries, like the advertising industry, garment industry, e-commerce industry, film industry. Here, we would like to give an overall idea about the background removal service. We would also like to discuss why and when you need it as well as why it’s important and how we will support you.

It is always expected that every professional wants their image background to be transparent so that they can add a fascinating background to look at their image more attractive.

After photography, if we notice the image more deeply, we may encounter some unwanted object which degrades the image quality. To get rid of this unwanted object, we may use an image manipulation system on our own or go-to experts. Then an expert removes the background and unnecessary purpose from the photo. After removing all the things as mentioned earlier, he gives an environment that suits the image, which looks more attractive and stunning.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1572464897211{border-top-width: 1px !important;border-bottom-width: 1px !important;border-top-color: #898989 !important;border-bottom-color: #898989 !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]

First job with them went without a hitch. Clipping paths of good quality — attention to detail.

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Our Background removal service


Excellent, their clipping is absolutely perfect. Happy with results and customer service!



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Background removal service

Removing background or background removal is a task and feature which applies to an image for editing. It helps to erase the background of an image to make it transparent and remove unwanted objects from the image.

Background eliminating service is also known as photo cut out service or image manipulation technique. Removing background is not only related background removing, but it is also related to background color change, color correction, cut-out, retouching images.

As a result, by removing background and editing images, it makes the image more attractive to customers. So if you want to enhance your business by eliminating background, then you need to go to the experts. Here we are for you to support you and serve you.


Reason for removing background from image

It’s not easy to take a proper shot in a crowded place, party, wedding, or outdoor. If you shoot photos taken by a professional photographer, your photos may sometimes lack adequate lighting or have unwanted spots or dots. In that case, you will never want to publish this kind of image on any e-commerce site or advertising site. Then you will need an expert who can transform your images that are transparent and free of unwanted dots or spots.
If I say about, the terms of Amazon are, the product should be a clean white background. Otherwise, they can reject the product from their site. So we are here to support you by making a clean white background.

You may have seen images in magazines or billboards. Models that are advertised there have no background. The background consumes more space and reduces the focus of the picture.
If you shoot your product by a model, then you need to remove the background, remove stary hair, remove blurs under eyes, skin retouching, color correction. But it’s a long process and complicated task for a photographer or product owner. But for our experienced experts, it is easy and will take less time.
It enhances image beauty, isolates an image from unwanted image background, edits all necessary things, reduces file size.


How we remove the background from the image?

As we said, the background removal is a long process. It’s not easy for a photographer and e-commerce business owner to remove the background from the image and to edit smoothly. In that case, we have many experienced professionals to remove the background from the image and to edit smoothly.
There are some practical ways to remove the background from the image. But it depends on what kind of removing background from the image you need.
Some products image like a t-shirt, shoes, watches, wristwatches, cameras, is straightforward to remove background and editing. Some products image like jewelry, group of rings, instrumental parts, is a little bit tough to remove a background. One the other hand, decoration things, fabrics, bracelets, a group of people are more robust and complicated to remove the background.
If the nonprofessionals perform the removing service, the image may lose its original quality. When these images are used in websites, then it is for sure that it is going to cost the product or website owner. A poorly edited image will never gain customers. On the other hand, if the professionals deal the obligation, then there is a higher probability of winning more customers. Professionals use the best tools in the best way. They can guarantee you quality work and make your life easier. They also perform photo masking, retouching, image manipulation, restoration, color correction, and provide other editing services.
So our professionals are always ready to support you, help you, and provide you the best service available.


Making background transparent

As a professional editor, we use different tools and some professional ways to make image background transparent. Tools we use depends on image quality and customer demand. In photoshop, there are many tools to remove background and make background transparent.
Some frequently used tools used in Photoshop are Eraser, Pen, Magic Wand, Lasso tool. We use the layer method while editing an image. This is a lifesaver as the original image does not get manipulated. The background is selected using the pen, lasso, or magic wand tool. After the selection, we make adjustments and then using the del key on the keyboard to delete the selected portion. Eraser tool may be used afterward to make small adjustments. After the delete operation and minor changes, we get a transparent image with no background. After the background removal, we can now save the new model. PNG and JPEG are some of the well-known formats. Transparency is not supported in JPEG format. For future editing, images are saved in PSD format.
We have served you an overview of how to remove the background from an image step by step. If you are not capable of doing that on your own, we are here to help you.


Making an Image transparent

A clear image is also similar to a transparent background. While making an image open, first, we have to make a selection of the background that is we want to remove. We pick the pen or lasso tool to select the background. We also use the quick selection tools to remove the dots, spots, or unnecessary things to get the better shape and edge of the image. Then we use the eraser tool to remove the white background from an image and save as a PNG file. As we said, transparency is not supported in JPG format. When you make your image transparent, you can use it anywhere you like.


When to use background removal service?

You can use removed background images anywhere you like. It can be used in an e-Commerce site, fashion house, newspapers, magazines, advertising, printing, photography. In recent times images with transparent background are mostly used in online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and many other sites.
If you are an online trader, you may have to remove the background of your image that you have used on your website. Making the photos transparent will increase product quality. Consumers always want quality products, and the perfect way to advertise quality products is to create quality photos. Photos get better quality if they are edited professionally. Without this kind of service, it becomes hard to reach target consumers.
When the background of an image takes more focus from the product, you want to portray, then have to go for background removing. To give an image transparent background, you need to edit the image. Image editing refers to background removal as well as removing the unwanted dots or spots from the image. Color correction, sharpening the model is also in the domain of image editing.
World’s top e-commerce sites like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay recommend a white background in image products. Because white is a natural color, and it refers to the symbol of purity focusing on the product image.

Sometimes you need to set the image in different places or on a diverse background. Then you have to consider removing the white background from the model and make the image transparent. After that, you can place your picture anywhere. It has become a trend to remove backgrounds from the images and to make images transparent. Photographers, magazines, and advertising industries use images with a white or transparent background.
A photo agency always needs different soft services like background removal service, photo restoration service, photo masking service, drop shadow making service,


Who uses it?

Background removing service is an essential part of the photographer, print media, e-commerce site, advertising company photo agency. They take hundreds to thousands of photos daily for their business and commercial purpose. All those photoshoots may not be perfect and smooth. After photographs, they need to remove unwanted elements and to edit the product image. Then the product image gets a realistic and catchy look.

Fashion house retailers or fashion photographers need to remove background that they set it where they want. Then they take photo retouching service to give an impressive look at the image.

When a professional studio photographer shoots a model, then they use background removal service, which helps to hide the spot, dots from the photo, and use image masking service to make a photo look impressive. Image masking service is a technique of image editing like color Correction.

A wedding photo album always carries a story and lifetime memory for all. But most of the time in the wedding photographs look gloomy for lack of lighting, dust, unwanted elements,


Why you choose us for background removal service?

We are very professional and experienced in providing image background removal services. We have a good number of trained editors who are master and expert of photoshop tools to give you unique and quality full service.

When you visit on Amazon, eBay, or online market, fashion site, newspaper, magazine, or wedding image, you see the product with a white background or with an inclusive background and the color, shadows all things are perfect. We are here to help you that you can promote your product to the customer. Almost eighty percent above customers take their decision is influenced by product color and product smoothing. And our expert always does such kind of work for e-commerce business, photographer, advertising agent.

Our service helps to fulfill the image requirement for an e-commerce site, which increases the product demand and quality. We are very much concern to deliver clients’ orders on time, and we are available anytime for you. You can take service anytime 24/7. We are ready for you. We will take care of your necessity and will connect with you for your requirements. We have to help to increase sales.

Our background removal service:

  • Remove background
  • White background
  • Transparent background
  • Change background
  • Image open
  • Resizing
  • Color adjustment
  • Clean up dust, dots
  • Cropping
  • Add shadows

Where we provide our service and who takes our service?

We provide our service e-commerce retailers to small sellers. The online fashion industry, magazine company, advertising company photographer, manufacturers, print media, photo studio owner all of them need to removing background service on their image for business and commercial purposes. So, we are removing the background from the image and editing the picture by our professionally trained editor.

We also provide this following task for you:

  • Ghost mannequin
  • Image manipulation
  • E-commerce photo editing
  • Image masking
  • Photo retouching
  • Color correction
  • Shadow making
  • Crop and resizing
  • Jewelry retouching
  • Wedding photo editing
  • Photo restoration


What is the difference between online service providers and ours?

Nowadays, there are many free online photo editing service available. You can easily take their service for your photo. It is to secure, cost-effective, and time-saving process. But is it profitable and can make your photo as you want to? You may find some specific tools for editing photos. Sometimes you have no option to edit the picture as you wish.

On the other hand, if you choose an expert editor who has trained and mastering in photoshop where you find many ways with excellent tools to remove and edit your photo. You can be writing yourself or hiring an expert. In that case, we have many experienced editors, and they always ready to serve you. And our service is different from others. We will remove the background of your product photo for using wherever you want to use it — no compromise with the quality of work. We can deliver work in any file format — transparent or white background. Our service is very professional, and we deliver on time. We provide a high-resolution file. Most importantly, we maintain excellent communication with our clients.



Whether you are using your photo in any e-commerce site or your website, you will make the photo on a white background in a JPEG file. If you use the photo for advertising or any other purpose, then you will make the background and image transparent in a PNG file. Whatever its use on the website or another site, you should go an expert who has years of experience. An expert quickly makes your image background transparent and creates the image naturally.



Background removal service is the process of removing background to make a transparent background or to change the background from an image. Mostly the background removal service use in e-commerce businesses to promote their product. Background removal service also creates a consistent and uniform look on the product image.

If you are engaged with photo editing agency, running an e-commerce business, running a small business, or a photographer, then you may need our service. We ensure you to make an image background transparent very practical to create marketing material in the industry.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row” css=”.vc_custom_1572707682033{margin-top: 10px !important;padding-top: -10px !important;padding-bottom: -10px !important;background-color: #3f4241 !important;}”][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column_text]

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