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Car Photo Editing Service -To Provide Superior Quality

Car photos are considered very important but hard to edit object for a business owner. It is hard because it requires professional skills and experiences to find out the flaws in a raw or edited photo. Car Photo Editing Service is important because your car photos will talk to the customers and lure them into buying one.

So, if it is not in one professional hand, then the future will be regretful.But how can you choose the best car photo editing service?  What should you look at them before giving them this major responsibility?

Unlike the other Car Photo Editing Service provider, we will help you to reach the right decision for yourself and as well as your business future. We will let you know every detailed information about this type of photo editing service. And then finally, it is your choice to decide the right service provider.

Car Photo Editing Service A DIY Task?

Obviously, anyone can who has knowledge in Photoshop, or other professional editing software can do car photo editing for his own. It will consume nothing without time and creativity. But if you are a photographer, it might not be a wise choice to do editing by yourself. The reason is, you have to do consistent project delivery to get new clients and grow your business. If you are getting involved in editing, you may not be able to serve your customers.

Even if you are a car magazine owner or car dealer, admittedly, it is not going to be the work that you should focus on. It requires a lot of time to bring audiences to your magazine or to focus on sales as a car dealer. These are the most essential thing that you are expert in. Besides, only a skilled and experienced editing service provider can deliver you the superior quality of editing. Without that, professionals Car Photo Editing services can serve you in bulk amount, so you get the time to focus on you growing your business.

These are the reasons you should not try DIY. But in the end, there are lots of editing service providers out there. So, how you should choose the best among them? The answer is, find if they are creative enough or if they can deliver you in bulk amount or if they can provide you the best quality. Take time but don’t take any wrong decision.

What are we offering for car photo editing services?
We are one of the best professional Car Photo Editing Services in the industry. We are covering all the services and supports that you will need to rock with your automobile business. Let’s take an in-depth look at how we are going to serve you and bring out the best possible editing output.

How We Replace or Add Custom Background?
Car Photo Editing Service is the most essential service required by car dealers. We give you the flexibility to change your car photo background anytime you want. To do that we will provide you the.PNG file of your raw photo, which won’t have any background. So, you will be able to change the background as you like and as you want. This is the beauty of this service. You just need to pay for one time.

If you don’t have an idea to add background to that photo, then no worries. We will do that for you also. Just let us know what type of or what is the background that you want to add in the photo. Let’s see how we do this step by step.

Step 1: Choosing the best photo with the right angle.
No doubt it is a mandatory job that you have to do to get a good result. Make sure to choose or shoot a photo of the car that has the most desirable angle by the audience. The leftover is our job to make the photo more seductive than your competitors. We will do the entire job, mainly in Photoshop.

Step 2: Cut out the car body from the raw photo.
Now, it is our turn to show butcher skill on the picture with the Pen tool. We will select the tool and draw an exact path from the car body. We would press Ctrl + return (for Windows), or Cmd + enter (for Mac) to load the marked path as a selection. Finally, it’s time to split the body from the raw photo.

Step 3: Merging the car part with a new background.
In the next step, we will use the Move tool and will drag the piece to the new background that you will require.

Step 4: Building a car shadow and set the right perspective.
After that, we will make a bit of adjustment with both photos to turn them into a single picture. To do that, we will have to play with perspective adjustment. And then we will use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to create a shadow beneath the car. Then we will create a layer under the car and fill it with black color. To give this a regular like shadow look, we will use the Gaussian Blur option and adjust that as need. That’s it. It is the concise way of our background, adding procedure.

How We Create Automotive Shadow Creation?
If you grabbed some kind of a light source and shone it directly at an object and you are going to notice a couple of things.
1. When the shadow gets closer to an object, it is going to become more solid and sharper.
2. As it gets further away from an object, it is going to become more transparent and has a softer edge.

One thing that we really believe, looking to the real world to edit a photo more realistically. Like in real-world how things respond to light or to shadow. It is one of the strengths that enhance our creativity. So, now we are going to take a look at how we do create a shadow in a car photo by using Photoshop. Another we would like to mention that we will discuss cast shadow as a reference in this section.

Step 1: Creating Shape.
The first thing that we are going to is just duplicating the shape of the car and change the name of the layer as Shadow to avoid confusion. After that, we have to fill it with black and to do that, we will press Option + Shift + Delete for Mac and Alt + Shift + Backspace for Windows. Then we will select the Transparency by Ctrl or Command, clicking on it and then, just fill it like normal. So that is how we will fill it.

Now what we want to do though is we want to change the shape so that we can cast a shadow. We just have to hit Ctrl T (Windows) or Command T (Mac) for transform. With that layer selected, the shadow layer selected, and we are just going to pull this down a bit.

Step 2: Creating a blur.
So, we got our primary shadow, and we would like to make it more realistic now. To do that, first thing, let’s think about that are at the front where the shadow is going to be at its strongest. We are going to blur this a little. So, we are going to choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. We will adjust the Radius as need. Afterward, we will take the Opacity down to about 90%.

Now, we have a more realistic shadow, but it’s not complete yet. So, we will duplicate the Shadow Layer and name it to Shadow Dark. To have a better understanding, we will change the previously created Shadow Layer name to Shadow Light.

Next, we have to go back to the Gaussian Blur settings and blur the Shadow Light Layer a little more. So, here we go, we got more of a blur going on now that might be more realistic to what we see further away. In fact, let’s exaggerate it even more. And now we want to drop the opacity down, we are going to say to about 50 though this will vary too, depending on the kind of color background and the stuff we are working on.

Step 3: Blending.
Now, we would like to blend in the dark shadow to the light shadow. Therefore, we have to create a layer mask on it. So, let’s go down to the layer mask and make it selected. Now, we are going to use a gradient to blend the dark with the light. So, let’s hit the D key, first of all, to reset the foreground and background color to black and white.

We’ll go up to the Gradient Tool and choose the first option. We have to make sure that it is Linear Gradient, Normal Blending Mode and the Opacity is all the way up to 100. Also, we have to make sure the Transparency is turned on. Now, what we are going to do is we are going to blend from one side to the other. Let’s click and drag down our gradient. And that is the way we do blending.

How We Do Automotive Photo Retouching?
Automobile photo retouching is the major part of a vehicle photo editing process. In maximum case, car photos come out with reflections, shadows, which are unnecessary and destroy the appeal of the picture towards viewers. By removing them, you can turn it into a classy product photo that can undoubtedly increase your professionalism and sales. So, without any further, let’s hover on how we are going to do it.

Step 1: Planning.
Before touching any editing tools, we are going to mark and identify the facts that need to be edited like pointless shadows, lights, reflections. We create an overview of the editing process and then jump into that.

Step 2: Change the background color and size.
We can start photo retouching in two ways, one by making the background transparent and two by making it completely white. In this article, we are following the second option. To change the color into white, we will use Free Transform by clicking Command T (on Mac) and Ctrl T (on PC). To remove the extra background parts, we can just paint over those, or we can Clone Stamp Tool.

Another thing that you should remember, before start editing, we have to change the size of the photo background by using Canvas Size. It is necessary for creating a good composition. In the Canvas Size window, we will input the required numbers in the Width and Height section. Then we will change the Anchor position according to requirements. Then we have to press OK to confirm it.

Step 3: Remove all the reflections.
It is a natural but painful thing that every car photo comes with a bunch of reflections that reduce the glamour of the picture. But you do not need to worry, we will cover that problem also. To do that, we can use both cloning method or Healing Brush and all that and painting.

Here, we are going to use the Pen Tool. We will draw the Pen Tool over the area that we want to fix. We will click Hold and Drag the curve. To change the directions, we will go to Option-click on Mac or PC, and it lets us change the directions without doing anything crazy with the curve. After completing the circle, we will add a new layer by pressing Command-Return on Mac and Ctrl-Enter on PC. That will complete the selection.

Then we will need to save the selection part. To do that, we will go to Select and then Save Selections. There we have put a name and click on Ok.
After that, we will choose a piece of the car that we like and copy that. Then we have to go again to the previous selections and to get it back, we will click on Select, then Load Selections and load that part. Afterward, we will paste the chosen piece, and it will transform the selected are with its color. In that way, we can remove the reflections.

Step 4: Detailing (Color corrections, Tone).
We use a plugin to bring the detailing task within a short time but with quality. We prefer to use Color Effex Pro 4. There we would go to the Pro Contrast option, which a really dynamic and sharp contrast offered by them. There we will choose any contrast level that suits best with our photo and save it. The same step we will follow for enhancing, tonal contrast, etc. and finally, we will merge all the effects.

These are all the necessary steps that we follow for detailing. But while detailing, we have to do some more things like layer cleaning, opacity adjustment, basic masking, etc. to get to the final image.

How We Do Car Photo Recolor or Enhance?
It is one of the mandatory expectations by car dealers. Whether you are a photographer who just shooted car photos for a car dealer or you are a car dealer, this is the service that you can’t ignore. It is necessary sometimes to change the body color of the car to let the audience know how many colors you are offering. And to do that, you don’t need to gather all the cars and takes photos one by one. Because this easy but efficient service can help you with that.
So, in this part, we would let you know how you can change the color of the car body inside a photo in Photoshop.

Step 1: Make a selection.
Previously, we have shown you making a selection by Pen Tool, but in this section, we will use the Quick Selection tool to do that. So, let’s click on that. This works a lot like a smart brush because you can make it bigger or smaller by hitting on the Left and Right Bracket keys. So, what we are going to do is we will paint on the area that we want the color change to happen on.

We will just select the important portion. You will see, it’s a smart tool so that as you click around, it is going to choose similar colors. If we want to remove any selectin that we don’t want to use, we will hold down the Option key and drag over the area. It will subtract that from the selection. If we are done with a decent selection job, then it is time to jump to the next step.

Step 2: Hue and Saturation.
To apply Hue and Saturations, we are going to click on that icon, and then your selection goes away. But if you can see in the Layer panel, it just brought up a new layer, and it applied that layer musk. Now, we are going to hit the colorize button on the right side. You will see, instantly it changed colors.

But the primary color will be very washed out, and that is because the default and saturation are usually pushed down. So, we will push the saturation up to 50%. Now this will allow us to change the color. So, depending on what color you want on the item object in the photo, we will change that from here.

We also use another trick to get out with a better result. Because, if we bring the saturation too high initially we will see it gets a little fake looking. So, what we recommend leaving it a little bit lower and then build these layers so we can drag that down to a new layer that will make a copy of that one. Then we can bring the Whiteness or the Brightness down or up as we need. And then we will bring the Saturation up or down.

In this way, the two layers are building upon each other. Before we jump in there, we have another task to be done. If we look deep into the car, we will see that some of the areas where the Mask was not as good as it should be. So, to fix that, we are going to grab the regular Brush Tool and change the color of the areas as we need.

After that, we will again open the Color Selecter to change the color to the final result. We would need to adjust the Brightness and Saturation as the requirements. Then we will click on Command J, and the color will build upon each other. In this way, we can keep those shadows and highlights. So, that is how we change the color of the car in a photo.

How We Create a Car Poster/Banner/Flyer?
A poster or flyer for your car promotion or demonstration is respectfully important like regular editing. And if you are a car dealer, then this is the regular monthly hassle that you are dealing with. No matter. So now, we will discuss how we are going to create a banner or poster or flyer in Photoshop for a car dealer as well as for our customers.

Step 1: Creating a file.
At first, we are going to open Photoshop then click on the File tab and create a new file. While creating a small A4 paper size, we will change the size to 8.5 inches by 11 inches, and for the resolution, it will be 300.

Step 2: Unlock the layer.
Let’s double click on the layer and change the name to Background and press Enter. Now we have to select everything by clicking or holding Ctrl + A and pressing the Delete button. And then Ctrl + D to deselect. Right here, we have to create another new layer, and with this, we are going to make a frame.

Click to the square and use No fillings, for stroke, let’s choose orange as the color. For the size of it, we are going to go 10. Then we will go to FX to give it a better look. To make that, we will click on Inner Shadow and adjust that as we want.

Step 3: Adding a logo.
If we already have a company logo, then we can insert it in the same file we are working on. If our client does not have a logo, no worries to be tensed. Because we will give that support too. Anyway, after inserting the logo in the file, we will resize the logo size first. For that, we have to press Ctrl T and then hold Shift and resize it. We have also change the name of the new layer to Logo to avoid confusion.

Step 4: Adding text.
Adding text is almost similar, like MS word or that kind of software. We will insert a Text box and type the thing we want. Then we will resize the text size from the Size panel. As photo requirements, we will change the color of the text, and we will also revise the position of the text. If it requires, the texts have to effected by FX. We will change the layer name to Text. For a different portion of the flyer, we may need to add different fonts, colors, sizes.

Step 5: Adding a car photo and change the background color.
In the final phase of flyer creation, we would have to add the images that we have been provided by our client. These photos may require editing support, in that case, we are here. Don’t panic. After that, we will change the background color to give the flyer or banner an interactive look. We may use gradient or solid color as need.
As you can see, creating flyers or banners is a pretty simple task. But here is matter creativity to create a dynamic one.

How We Make A Car Lighting Effect?
By using a light effect, we can create a photo with realistic light, light beam, etc. even if in the raw photo, there was no light. For a professional, it’s an easy task to do. Let’s check out how we do that.

Step 1: Creating a light shape.
We will create light by using the Lens Flare Filter. Firstly, what we do is creating a layer. Get the Elliptical Marquee Tool. We can also use Ractangular one, but Elliptical is better because the flare is round and the glow of light is also round. Then we would press the Shift key and click and drag to create a perfect circle.

We will make sure to create it bigger than the object or car. Then we will press Alt and Backspace to fill that image with black.
Once we have made that selection filled with black, we will go to Filter > Render > Lens Flyer and choose the type of flare 105 mm for now. And leave the Brightness level to 100%. And then change the Blend Mode of this layer to Screen.

Step 2: Finishing.
Now we have created a light, but the problem we have is some edges around the light. The way we fix that is by using Levels or Curves. We will use Levels, so click Ctrl + L to load the Levels and use the left slider, which is the shadows and just move that slider to the right slightly. You will see those edges are gone.

Basically, what we do with this is setting the amount of glow. After that, we will change the color of the lights. To do that, we will open the Hue/Saturation window, and there we will play with colors. We will also adjust the Saturation manually to bring out a better result. So, that is in brief how we do create lights on cars.

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