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E-commerce Product Photography Service

Thinking how to make sure that your business does really well in this very competitive world? Then, what you need is the professional E-commerce Product Photography service of clipping path united. Indeed, the professionals here at our company will take very appealing photos that will attract your targeted customers just at one glance.

We all know that the demand of customers is to see clear high-resolution E-commerce Product Photography that will look realistic and as well as clear features of the product must be highlighted in front of them for creating an impressive impact. We offer you great choices as well.

To be more precise, we provide three kinds of services that fall under the main category of E-commerce Product Photography service. the services are Standard Product Photography Services, Value Added Product Photography Services and Full Professional E-commerce Product Photography service. All the details of the services have been highlighted below for you.

Standard E-commerce Product Photography Services

The standard E-commerce Product Photography services that clipping path offers is all about the professional photography that you require for showcasing all the products and quality that your business has to offer to your targeted customers. The services that lie under such kind of photography are:

  • Clicking professional pictures of products with a white background behind.
  • Editing images to enhance the beauty and reality of the photographs that have been clicked.
  • Removing the unappealing background from the pictures.
  • Removing defects of photography and as well as of the product.
  • Color correction is done for bringing a more realistic effect to the pictures of the products.

There are many more advantages to taking our Standard product photography services. You will get to post a portfolio of photos, that have proper consistency amongst them. We will click pictures with proper angles, layouts and staging so that you can create a website for your business that is appealing and attractive to look at.

To add more, because of changing the background of the images to white with the help of background removal service, we will be able to grab the focus and attention of the customers to the main product only. Having a white background ensures that their eyes don’t move to try to look at something else in the background.

Our professionally clicked photos will make sure that they are high in terms of resolution, sharpness, and have attractive realistic colors to look at. The photos will look so realistic that the customers can get tricked into thinking the images being in front of them for real.

Furthermore, we don’t make the format of the images complex to access. Since we make sure that images that we click and edit can be easily posted on to websites or any other suitable online marketplaces. We will be editing the pictures according to your convenience to save your business, time and money.

Value-Added Product Photography Services

Clipping path united provides this value-added E-commerce Product Photography service for providing you with extra professional support to take care of your special requirements. There is a range of things that are required for some sort of photography other than a photographer.

To let you know more about the special things, professionalism and skills that are required for certain product photography we have highlighted all the details below.

  • Apparel photography: For apparel photography there is a requirement of getting some mannequins and make them wear clothes.This is to bring a 3D effect to the clothes, give them volume, without using models to make them wear clothes. The mannequins will be edited out and removed later on.  Such photography helps bring in close attention to the clothes without making customers distract their attention towards the models.
  • Food photography: Having a photographer for just taking a picture of the food is not enough. There is a requirement of an individual who will do that job of arranging the food on the plate in a very appealing way.
  • Pet photography: For taking photographs of pet products, there is a requirement of using pets as a model, that is trained to remain calm and still during a photography session. You will need to show a genuine demonstration of how it works on the pet.
  • Group product photography: If you wish to click a good number of products together, there is a requirement of a person with skills to organize the products in an appealing way.
  • Over-sized industrial equipment: Equipment that is over-sized needs to have pictures clicked from various angles. From one angle it is not possible to fit in all the essential features. And then, after clicking sufficient pictures there is a necessity of getting the best pictures stitched into one.
  • Functional product photography: For some e-commerce site, there is a necessity that the demonstration of how to use the product is captured. For such photography there is a necessity of a person who knows how to use the product and can properly pose to demonstrate so that each of the steps that are essential for using the product can be captured. And another person is required who can arrange these shots into an organized manner for the customers to understand.
  • Human-touch product photography: For some kind of photography, it is essential that you take the help of models and as well as makeup artists. This kind of photography is required for a business that is all about makeup, jewelry and skincare.
  • Prop photography: For certain product photos there is a necessity of using some extra props to enhance the beauty of the main product that is being clicked. The setup of props requires expert help for making the photoshoot look entertaining and as well as eye-catching.

The advantage of using value-added product photography services is to make sure that the photos of your products stand out amongst those of your competitors. With this kind of photography service, you can easily highlight special features and functions of your product for getting more customers.

You can use these services of clipping path united for getting attractive photos to post on the powerful platform of social media to attract people towards your brand and business. Through your photos posted on social media, you will get a lot of customers, have your profit boosted up and as well as spread the name of your business.

Professional E-commerce Product Photography Service

Clipping Path United provides you with full professional product photography that consists of the features that you will find in both basic and as well as value-added ones like we have mentioned previously. However, there is some other advanced features that are provided for very high and professional business websites. We have listed the features that fall under this service. Check them out!

  • 360-degree product photography:

If you want to make sure that your customer only orders the product after being 100% sure about what they are purchasing and there won’t be any chance that they complain, then you definitely need to take service of this 360-degree product photography.

Our professional photographers at the clipping path, will take a perfect click of your product from multiple angles and also give a clear view for your customers to have a look at. If you own an industry that retails parts and things related to the motor and bicycle field, you need to get this service for your own betterment.

With our photography skills, your customers can view your product from the front, back, side and rear simply on the mobile or the computer screen, they will get the same feeling of checking out a product in front of them for real. 360-degree product photography does require proper positioning and as well as professionalism.

  • Onsite photography:

For making your business grow and for the images of the product to be the most appealing one we are ready to go to an individual location for shooting photos. Getting photos clicked with realistic backgrounds that is relevant to the product can make the pictures look appealing to your targeted audience.

  • Making a customized plan for product photography:

Here, at the clipping path united we will help you out to sort out what are the photography services you need for the kind of business you have and the type of website you own. We will organize and bring out a proposed plan to help you fulfill and highlight any specific needs that you have. We are indeed known well for our great customer service and helping our customers to get the best from us.

Final verdicts:

To sum up, after reaching the end of this whole piece of information you surely might end up thinking that coming to a proper decision and choosing a photography service is surely a difficult task.

But, to help with easing all difficulties you just need to openly sit with your business plan and your website and have some to talk without clipping path united team. We will help you with organizing and selecting the correct photography services that you should go to for the betterment of your business.

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